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  • What do I need to wear during a treatment session?
    Comfortable clothing. You'll remain fully clothed at all times.
  • Howmany appointments will I need?
    It will depend on your type of health concern, how long you've had it and how severe it is. Minor concerns and stresses can usually be resolved within 3 weekly sessions. More complex or chronic issues will likely take longer. Some clients enjoy to have a treatment session every month as a way to help maintain their level of general wellbeing once their key health issue has been resolved. Also, the more involved and proactive a client is with their wellness journey and between treatments, the quicker results will be achieved. ​I work hard to ensure your treatment plan is specific to your particular health requirements to help you regain health as quickly as possible. I'm also happy to give an estimate of the expected timeframe for your treatment sessions at your first appointment.
  • Why is a healthy nervous system so important for wellbeing?
    The nervous system is important because it is the overarching control system of your body, including for muscular and body movement, organ functioning as well as metabolic processes. ​It is through the nervous system that we communicate with others and the outside world. So keeping your nervous system functioning optimally and free of restrictions helps your whole body to be healthy and stress-free. Science has indeed confirmed that stress can contribute to many illnesses and conditions: allergies, digestive problems, ulcers, cancer, depression, anxiety and other emotional conditions have all been linked to the effects of stress.​ This is because when we're stressed, part of our nervous system is activated into a 'fight, flight or freeze' state. Hormones are released that affect our heart rate, breathing, digestion, as well as our emotional and mental wellbeing. Using Cranial Sacral and Somatic techniques, I'm able to help 'reset' this activated nervous system response and facilitate adjustment back to a calm, balanced state and improved wellbeing.
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