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"For the first time in a long time I feel very hopeful that I can overcome my current challenges. After my Somatic Experiencing sessions with Avril I now feel lighter, the simmering anger I was feeling is gone, and, best of all, I am not semi-paralyzed at all".

Sheryl A

"I have attended Avril's practice cyclically throughout the past year and it has been a very rich and rewarding part of my ongoing journey to understand and heal myself; to grow from fear and anxiety into personal agency and vitality.

I reached out to Avril after realising that I wanted some support to figure out the quagmire of acute negative emotion and relationship trauma that I had been experiencing.


After a tentative start where I slowly developed my trust, Avril's practice now feels truly safe to me, and the space she offers allows me to reveal parts of myself that even I was not consciously aware of.

I find Avril to be highly sensitive and perceptive and able to pick up on subtle changes in my emotional and physical state as we address or unpack issues. Combined with, what I perceive to be, clarity and integrity informed by her considerable experience and training, she is able to guide each session in an intelligent way that has me feeling both supported, as well as responsible for myself and thereby encouraged to develop healthy agency.


Avril offers a variety of tools and activities to help me understand the connection between my thoughts, emotions and my body – particularly my nervous system and its responses through sensations in my body, in safe, manageable pieces – which is the Somatic Experiencing process.


I wholeheartedly recommend Avril and the services she provides"

Akim Waengler-Heinicke

"A friend warmly recommended Avril to me.  I regard my work with Avril as psychotherapy for my body. Four months later I look forward to continuing my healing journey  with openness and gratitude.  Thank you Avril!"

Penny K


"I came to Avril experiencing quite a number of symptoms that were all leading to a very poor quality of life - it had been a difficult few months. I was suffering from severe headaches, my immune system was very "low" and being the working mother of 2 under four year olds, I was utterly sleep deprived and running on empty. 

Avril listened deeply to the physical and emotional experiences I was having - she has an incredible "ear" and is very intuitive regarding linkages between things. Avril has helped me lift many layers of physical and emotional blocks, leaving me feeling better and better each time. I am lighter, more positive, the headaches have gone, I'm sleeping better and have a much better perspective regarding my day to day pressures. I feel a much greater sense of balance overall.


Avril brings experience and talent to her work, and marries sound academic knowledge with an uncanny intuition and sincere care for others. I have recommended her to many friends and will continue to do so as I believe her work is absolutely remarkable and most importantly incredibly effective. Thank you Avril!"

Rachael Thompson

Mother of two and Business owner

"Regular sessions with Avril have contributed to me remaining calm, active and unfazed despite a potentially challenging year. In addition, Avril's gentleness has enabled me to unravel old patterns of emotional tension. 

The changes in me have led to friends and family also keen to see Avril with equally fantastic results". 

Natalie J

"Avril has warm and friendly approach, instantly putting you at ease. I felt amazing after my sessions with her which were very nurturing and incredibly relaxing. I have had cranio before but I can honestly say I have never felt this relaxed. I left feeling calm and rebalanced."

Angela Stewart

Business owner

"I came to see Avril following some very acute jaw pain. After doing some research on the benefits of craniosacral therapy for this type of pain, I thought I’d give it a go. I was totally amazed by the results and the process. Each session was more successful than the last, I was benefiting from the results right from the onset. Not to mention the sessions being very pleasurable and hugely relaxing overall! Thanks so much Avril" 

Nicky Spencer

"At the time I found Avril, I had recently undergone surgery and radiotherapy for breast cancer and was experiencing chronic, severe fatigue and joint pain. My sessions with Avril were welcoming, safe and completely relaxed.  From the first session I believed that this was something that could be very beneficial and I committed to regular sessions.  Each session enabled progressive improvement and my body began to resource itself to heal.  My pain diminished, sleep improved and energy levels increased remarkably.


I find the sessions with Avril are an all-encompassing total body relaxation and I am always amazed by her feedback after the treatment and how it coincides with areas of my body that have had issues.  


I strongly recommend Avril for helping to regain excellent health and wellbeing"

Sandra Allan

"I suffered a pinched nerve in my neck which was very noticeable because it caused twitching and significant strength loss in my right tricep, accompanied by a small area of atrophy where a dent actually developed in the muscle.


I had had several appointments with a physiotherapist and also exercised the muscles at the gym. This provided a small amount of relief from pain but after two years, my right arm was still about 20% weaker than my left, whereas previously it had been about 20% stronger (being right-handed).

I was unsure whether cranio would help the problem, but decided to give it a try and visited Avril seven times over a two-month period. The results of her treatments have astounded me. The strength in my right tricep improved and within a couple of weeks of my last appointment, my right arm was again stronger than my left. When doing single arm triceps-press, I could complete 20% more repetitions with my right arm, which made progress quantifiable.


There were no other therapies or changes in my lifestyle that could have contributed to this turnaround. To have a seemingly permanent problem that had persisted for two years improve so rapidly was a wonderful outcome.

I am extremely grateful to Avril and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone with a similar problem or who is recovering from an injury."

Matthew H

Marketing & Sales Manager

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