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Online Somatic Mind-Body
Therapy sessions

Online sessions provide the opportunity to work from the privacy and familiarity of your own home.  Many clients find online sessions a safe and convenient way to be supported - especially when experiencing stress, anxiety or trauma. Studies show that online therapy sessions are very effective in helping those with underlying anxiety and stress.


Online sessions are via Zoom and you can choose whether you'd prefer audio with video or just audio


Online sessions are the same session format as face to face sessions, the only difference is they're online! The aim is the same - to help restore a harmonious balance to your body, mind and emotions, and support you to be free from the effects of trauma and stress.


Using Somatic Experiencing techniques developed by renowned trauma therapist, author and teacher - Dr. Peter A. Levine, whose breakthrough techniques have helped thousands of trauma survivors tap into their innate ability to heal, I'll support you on how to return to a balanced nervous system state - the natural state of being where life is lighter and flows more easily.


Aspects we will cover in our sessions together include:

  • How your body is central to being free from the effects of past trauma - I'll guide you on how to increase your sense of safety, comfort, and ease within your body

  • Support to be freer from the effects of fight, flight, freeze or fawn - common nervous system stress responses to trauma

  • Support to help you identify the sensations, images, thoughts, and emotions that cause your fear or anxiety and how to ease those states

  • Offering help to reduce the effects of stress and trauma 'triggers' in your day-to-day life

  • Ways to increase your nervous system strength and resiliency

  • Exercises to gently and safely release past trauma from your body without having to fully "relive" your trauma

  • Support to help you build resilience for the future

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