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"Avril was such a blessing to our family.  Fiona was so fussy after feeds, with screaming and writhing for 30-45 minutes before we could soothe her.  Seeing Avril for 3 sessions has turned her into a settled, happy baby.  She is now smiling heaps (first big smile was during a session!) and feeding is no longer an unpleasant task.  We are so happy with the care we received from Avril."

Tally Smith

Mum of baby Fiona

"Avril has a wonderful way with children and seems to have the rare ability to bring them into her work space in a calming, playfully nurturing and very accepting way, soothing them into a calmer state from the busy outside world, so they are relaxed and responsive to her cranial treatments.


Avril has treated my newborn baby for mild colic, with positive results. I was so pleased with the treatment I booked my 4 year old daughter and 7 year old son, and have noticed a really positive shift in both children after her treatments.    

I couldn’t recommend Avril more highly."

Charlotte Penman

Mum of Celeste, Florence & Marcel

"We absolutely loved our cranial treatments with Avril.  We came to visit Avril because of reflux problems but over the few weeks we visited, I noticed a huge change in Rocco not only with his reflux but with his entire personality.  He became a much more relaxed and happy wee boy."

Julia Nikkel

Mum of baby Rocco

"The sessions with Avril were a huge help to both myself and baby Luke.  After a rough entrance into the world, he is now a much happier little man.  I am sure the sessions helped him adjust and recover - after just one session Luke went from hating to feed on the left side to happily latching on that side."

Anne Hedley

Mum to baby Luke

"Hi Avril, Callum is all good.  He's content and very smiley - still pretty noisy at times but that's now because he's chatting and giggling.  He feeds and burps well and doesn't seem to be in any discomfort with reflux.  Thanks for your treatments and follow up, I really appreciate it."

Emily Palmer

Mum to Calum

"Hi Avril,
Thanks a lot for treating Alina today, she's been very relaxed and lively this evening, the most like her old self that I've seen her since this started.

Regards John"

John T

Father of daughter Alina who was undergoing cancer treatment

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Testimonials - Parents of babies & children

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